I have a special bond with the music played on the station as I was one of those kids who listened to his favorite Top 40 stations (WKY and KOMA in Oklahoma City) on a small transister radio with an ear bud after I was supposed to be in bed asleep.

I would also pretend to be a DJ playing 45s of many of the songs from this era of the 70s. Later on my family got a stereo that could record on blank 8 track tapes and my sister and I would make tapes of our fictional radio station KRUD "All Crud All The Time".

Back then I had no idea that I would actually spend over 34 years of my life actually being in the radio biz. It's gives me great joy to bring you this music time machine. My memories are so much more focused hearing all these songs together at the same time just like they were 40 years ago. I hope listening brings back great memories for you!

The station is part of a trio of internet stations programmed by my little company, Soundmedia. I also program TheWave.FM, a station similar to TheSound.FM only it goes back exactly 30 years. The third station is Soundtrax.FM and it plays movie soundtracks.

Thanks so much for joining me in my time machine. Go through the 70s with me a week at a time and feel free to shoot me an email with any comments or questions.